Jojo Binay, Lito David and #JoLito2016: A Love Story

It is probably the most cliche storylines of all time: two people who dislike each other end up falling in love. Such is the tale of Lito David and Vice President Jojo Binay.

We all know that Jejomar Binay sees Senator Grace Poe as a threat to his political ambitions. But surprise, surprise, neither Jojo nor Mar filed a disqualification case. It was a perennial talunan Lito David who came out and filed two complaints against Sen. Grace Poe.

Lito David and Jojo Binay have an interesting history.

In 2013, Lito David said that The Vice President is immoral for “perpetuating a dynasty”.

Lito David 1

Here are Lito David’s comments after the “Dasmagate” incident:

Lito David 2

Quick question for Lito David: The Binay family has been sitting in Makati since after the EDSA revolution. His wife was once mayor. His daughters are BOTH in the legislative branch. His son inherited his mayoralty post. You were so vocal against them in the past. But why did you never file a complaint against their contravention of the Constitutional ban on political dynasties?

His ulterior motive is clear: power. He once publicly declared that he would “consider” become Jojo Binay’s running mate (open it in a new tab so you can see it in full size). His reasons?

Lito David 4

1. He would leave it to god to judge his sins
2. Binay can be “converted” to serve God and the Church
3. I will accept a government position to attack the elite.

How can such a holy man commit so many sins?

1. HYPOCRISY: Two years ago, Lito David claimed that Binay was immoral. But now, he is willing to forget that and just let God judge him if Binay selects him as his running mate. Condemn same-sex couple because their anuses do not lubricate naturally. Condemn the RH bill. But coveniently forget Binay’s sins in exchange for the Vice Presidency?

2. INFLUENCE PEDDLING: Binay can be converted to serve God and the Church- e.g., “We can use Binay to push the “vested interests” of the Church. The possibilities are endless! A repeal of the RH Law, for one. A legislative ban on same-sex marriage. Catholic-church friendly appointees in DOH and MTRCB. Consevative appointees to all courts, to ensure that their initiatives will not be stricken down. Ask Roilo Golez- Lito David and his friends lobbied him once to block the RH Bill.

3. GREED: Mr. David is willing to forget Jojo’s sins in exchange for a LUCRATIVE GOVERNMENT APPOINTMENT.

The spirit is willing but Lito David’s flesh weak-and his LUST for power is strong. And there is no doubt that Lito David WANTS power- he ran for Senate twice, and is even contemplating a run for President in 2016! From an ABS-CBN Article:

Lito David 4

Jojo Binay should take Lito David on his offer. They deserve each other- to the extent that Catholic doctrine will allow them to. Let’s all support #JoLito2016!


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